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Why are we all TRYING to make changes with diets, dos and donts, quitting and starting again, and getting more frustrated with ourselves for not being able to just STOP?

Well, the answer is complex, and solutions abound, from diets to drugs, surgery to psychotherapy. Huge amounts of money are poured into huge companies to help us become healthy, slim and happy. The most important part of this dilemma is YOU, and NOW this Program and these relaxing resources will enable you to find inner resources to easily replace old, unhelpful habits, patterns and thoughts with positive, healthy ways of feeling, thinking and behaving.

By relaxing the conscious, thinking, critical mind with Guided Meditation and allowing the creative right side of the brai n to listen to positive suggestions about AUTOMATICALLY stopping feelings and thoughts that trigger the old habits, you are empowered to choose from a range of beneficial possibilities.

The Meditations on the MP3 downloads is safe, relaxing, and when used for the 7 days will allow new circuits and pathways to start forming in the brain, almost like a new download replacing an outdated software program!

The logical left brain is not left out, as the reactive cognitive and behavioural components of habits are explained on the videos for each of the STOP Programs. Included is a FREE Workbook for each of the Programs, to assist you to acknowledge how you are progressing on your journey to health and happiness.

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About Anne Holleley

Hi, and thanks for taking the time to read about what I am passionate about. I love to share with people looking to make some changes in their lives.

Just like you I have struggled with motivation, changing old habits, self criticism amd sabotage in relationships.From all of these aspects of life I have learned how to help other people improve their lives and take contral over their thoughts and behaviour.

Growing up in a tiny country like New Zealand can make you resilient, making a mark in the world, however humble human behaviour as it is, not how it is portrayed in the media! Nursing was interesting, from a novice handing out bedpans, to becoming...
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Anne Holleley

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